Thursday, March 5, 2015

A little behind

I have gotten really really behind on my blog because I had the flu, have had my regular job, have been working with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Junior Board plan our first Casino Night fundraiser, and also just been a little lazy...I have at least 16 boxes to post....soooo....I have so far uploaded all the photos to the drafts and need to go back and add the information. I thought I would post the pictures of the entire boxes here so you get a sneak peak and also let you know what all I have unsubscribed to and added to the mix....A full list will be at the end with whether or not I have cancelled it in parenthesis 

FABFITFUN 1st quarter Spring 2015

Ipsy February 2015

Birchbox February 2015

Bespoke Post February 2015-Refresh February 2015

Conscious Box February 2015

Splendies February 2015 (this is just one pair-I didn't get a pic of all three pairs)

Wantable: Intimates February 2015

Moxie Box February 2015

Beauty Box 5 February 2015

Glossybox February 2015

Barkbox February 2015 Mardi Gras Theme with bonus deluxe toy

Little Lace Box February 2015

POP SUGAR Must Have February 2015

Glossybox January 2015 (my first got stolen, so I'm not sure how similar mine is to others)

Splendies Luxe February 2015

All of the Boxes that I have subscribed parenthesis are the number of boxes I received and if they've been cancelled, not yet received, I decided to try another month, or have a long term subscription 

  1. (1-cancelled)
  2. Conscious Box (2-cancelled)
  3. Birchbox Men (6-1 reviewed-cancelled)
  4. Birchbox Women (12-1 reviewed-cancelled)
  5. Bespoke Post (1-cancelled)
  6. Gentleman's Box (1-cancelled)
  7. Splendies (2-cancelled)
  8. Splendies Luxe (1-cancelled)
  9. Allure Sample Society (1-cancelled)
  10. FABFITFUN (1-cancelled)
  11. Ipsy (! received to be reviewed, 1 more I will receive-cancelled
  12. Wantable: Intimates (1 reviewed, 1 more received to be reviewed-keeping for now)
  13. Blush Mystery Beauty Box (1 reviewed, keeping another month)
  14. Glossybox (2 received to be reviewed, 3 months subscription)
  15. POP SUGAR Must Have (1 received to be reviewed, keeping for another month and trying to $100 resort box, usually worth over $400)
  16. Little Lace Box (1 received to be reviewed, keeping one more month at least)
  17. Beauty Box 5 (3 received-1 to be reviewed, 1 year subscription-unfortunately...)
  18. Goodebox (yet to receive)
  19. Barkbox (1 received-to be reviewed, 3 month subscription)
  20. Moxie Box (1 received to be reviewed, will try another month)
  21. KitNipBox (yet to receive)
  22. Dazzley Box (yet to receive)
  23. French Box (yet to receive)
  24. Phone Case of the Month-for iPhone 6 (yet to receive)
  25. Box of Happies (yet to receive)
  26. Mission Cute (yet to receive)
  27. Kloverbox (yet to receive)
  28. Pet Gift Box-Cats (yet to receive)
  29. Pet Gift Box-Dogs (yet to receive)
  30. Orange Glad (yet to receive)

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