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Beauty Box 5 January 2015

My First Review!!!!

Beauty Box 5 is a beauty products subscription box that sends 5 deluxe or full size samples of items selected by their style team. They can be anything from pharmacy brands to luxury brands and can include hair products, makeup, hygiene products, accessories, skincare, nail care, and bath products. The boxes are typically as identical as possible. They do not do any kind of personalization of the products you get, but they try not to send items that are skin tone or hair type specific. You can purchase full-sized versions of the products they send you from their online shop.

It's a monthly service that costs $12/month but it is cheaper to pay for a quarterly ($30) or yearly ($99) subscription. Shipping is free in the US and $3 to Canada. Texas residents are charged sales tax. They currently cannot ship to AK, HI, APO, or elsewhere. The box usually ships on the 8th and is billed the 1st of the month. They do provide tracking numbers.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time but you will receive all of the boxes that you paid for. (So if you subscribed for a year and cancel 6 months in, you will still receive the other 6 months worth of boxes). You must cancel before the 1st of the month to keep from getting billed for the next months box if you subscribe monthly. 

This is my first box from Beauty Box 5. Of the 13 new subscriptions I signed up for, this was the first one I received and they shipped it very quickly. According to their website, as long as you subscribe by the 21st of the month, you will get the box for that month.

Their customer service department will replace any damaged or missing, they will replace them free of charge. They also will honor any new promotions for items you bought in the store within 3 days of the start of the promotion if you contact them with the order number and information. They have a customer service email that you can use for any issues. I did have a problem logging in on their website and got a quick response from their help email, so I will give their customer service a thumbs up too!

Their referral program is currently in development.

On to the January 2015 box (I have a years subscription, so this will be a monthly review!)

The box came with 5 products, a coupon, a guide to the products included, and a promo code for the website

Item #1: Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash 1.8 fl oz (Travel Size) Value: $1.49
Not much really to say about this one, it is a familiar brand that a lot of people use. I will definitely keep this on hand for when I travel, but it would not be a product that I would buy from Beauty Box 5 unless it was cheaper than at Walmart, Target, or a pharmacy. I've used this product before though and its great for people with sensitive skin. Was I excited to find it in my box? no. Will I use it? probably at some point. 

Item #2: Nicka K New York Eyelight Crayon (No color name specified but its a glimmer olive green-see the picture below of it on my eyes). Full Size item. Value: $4.49
The product went on easily and smoothly. The color is pretty and not too bold, so it is very wearable on an everyday basis. I almost missed the coolest part though, because I did not read the product description card completely. The bottom of the eyeshadow crayon comes off and is a mini-sharpener that can be used to sharpen the crayon to use as an eyeliner. Kinda neat. I had never heard of this brand before. I probably wouldn't purchase it, just because I have eyeshadows this color already and this one didn't just blow me away with "I gotta have it". 

The Eyelight Crayon on my eyes (lids only). Pretty color! 

Item # 3: HASK Macadamia Revitalizing Shine Oil Full Size item. 5/8 fl oz Value: $2.99
Ok, normally hair products like this get me excited. I'm actually have used a ton of Sephora points on stuff like this and eventually bought the full sized versions from them, so this is one I was excited about. Except that the only thing I ended up liking about it was the smell, which is really great. However, unless you have SUPER dry hair, this product is probably equivalent to putting olive oil in your hair. It's super greasy feeling. Liz (my roommate, who will no longer be known as L!) and I both tried it and thought that it was way too greasy and oily. Liz actually didn't like how it felt on her fingers! The directions recommend putting a coin size amount in your hair. I cannot imagine how greasy my hair would look if I did that. It did absorb in my hair a little better than I expected based on feeling it on my fingers, but I think that this is a product that could ruin a hair day because you put a little bit too much in your hair and you know look like you didn't wash it. BTW...I have fairly damaged hair from heat and color, but my hair does tend to be on the oily side so this may be a product thats just not for me.  

 Item # 4 Laura Ashley Sweet Peony Body Butter 1.75 oz (usually comes in a pack of 6 for $20, but this is full size for the ones in the package) Value: $3.50
When I first opened my box and was writing down what I thought about each item, Liz (again, my roommate/best friend) got home and picked this up and said "Ooh, Laura Ashley." So the brand name is definitely a plus. It smells really good as well, but isn't to strong. The container is a little hard to close, but overall it felt good on and I think its a nice product. I don't usually buy scented body lotions because of the perfume I use (Bond No. 9 Saks Fifth Ave is a little to pricey to put Sweet Peony notes underneath), but I will be giving this to Liz, who is less of a perfume person and will really enjoy it. I think there are a lot of people who will really like this item and possibly buy it. 

Item #5: DenTek Floss Picks + Case (4 picks and the case). Full Size. Value: $2.96 plus $1 off coupon. Another one that I don't have much to say about except that I will probably keep this around for travel. Also, the coupon made me think they don't expect you to purchase the item from their store anyway. 

Overall, I feel like this box was a like taking a random trip to the pharmacy where you buy a few items that maybe you weren't planning on getting. I don't know. So far the $14.96+$1 coupon value to the $12 box doesn't excite me too much. Useable products are great, don't get me wrong, but the price of these are so low that I can also just buy them if I need them. So...I give this a 2/5 rating. We will see how the rest of the Beauty Box 5 boxes turn out.

Subscribe to Beauty Box 5 coupon code: "HALFOFF" for 50% off through February 28th, 2015. Or try "FREEBOX1" to get the previous month's box for free!

Love and Boxes,

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