Thursday, March 5, 2015

Barkbox February 2015 Mardi Gras Themed!

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for your dog! I made a video of my dog getting hers (She is a 85lb female German Shepherd named Echo), but she wasn't overly interested in the opening process. She was very interested once I gave her the items though! BarkBox is $29/month for 1 month at time, $24/month for 3 months (billed at once), $21/month for 6 months (billed at once), and $19/month for 12 month (billed at once). You can add an extra premium toy for an additional $9/month. 10% of proceeds go to supporting rescue groups. Shipping is free to the 48 contiguous states and $5 to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada. They do not ship to other countries. They do ship to APOs. Sales tax applies to NY, AZ, CT, NV, and OH.

Each months box is specially curated for your dogs size (<10 lbs, 10-20lbs, 20-50lbs, and 50+ lbs) with 4-6 treats, grooming, hygiene, and toy items. Any items you like can be reordered by texting (484)-696-2275 with the reorder code included on the card in the box. Your card on file will be billed and there is a $5 flat shipping fee. Boxes ship on the 15th of the month and are billed on the 3rd. They email a tracking number and you can log in to their website to track your shipment as well as access your account. You can cancel anytime before the next billing date. 

They also offer a "allergy" box for dogs allergic to beef, chicken, turkey, wheat, soy, corn, or gluten. You just email and let them know you need an allergy box. They cannot accommodate for other allergies or needs currently, but do accept suggestions. All products are carefully selected by their team and are safe and items they test with their own pups! Customer service is super helpful and responds very quickly!

I LOVED the Mardi Gras Theme this box had! So cute to theme a dog's box!

Item #1: Harry Barker Stuffed Mardi Gras Mask with Rope with built in squeakers Value: $14
Echo is not big on toys unless they are fetchable or tuggable so this was great for her, though a little small for a German Shepherd in my opinion. I think this is more suited for under 60 pounds. She did play with it though. Plus its really cute. 

Item #2: Butcher's Block Bully Stick Value: $4
These are Echo's favorite treats and always great to have. They are also usually $8 or more around here so the reorder price is tempting!

Item #3: Le Petit Treat King Cake Biscuits Value: $6
I was disappointed when these were just beige colored heart shaped cookies because at first I thought it was a little doggie king cake! However, there were more than I expected in the box and they were eaten. These could be mistaken easily for human food though, so keep the box around. 

Item #4: Feel Good Treat Company Cajun Jambalaya Treats Value: $7
This is an adorable idea and echo thought they were tasty. Also a large bag, not a sample, which is nice!

Item #5: Delca Jester Ball Value: $9
It makes a funny noise when its bitten and is ball shaped so its a great fetch toy. Like I said earlier, Echo usually doesn't go for stuffed toys that aren't balls, tugs, or fetchable items, so this is another good one for her. She also doesn't tear up toys, so I don't have to worry about it being cloth, however, my brothers dog would have destroyed this in 5 seconds flat. 

Item #6: Loopies Stoggies Fetch Stick from the Extra Toy Club (the one you pay $9 extra a month for) Value: No Value was given for this like the others but google showed about $8.95, which kind of annoys me since I feel like paying $9 extra should result in a toy worth at least $9 (yeah, yeah, its $0.05), but I actually think it should be a toy valued above $9, hence the "premium" part. This is cute though and seems to be well made since its woven. And the cigar look is funny and cute. Great fetch toy. 

Overall, I am really impressed with BarkBox and give it a 4.5/5 (.5 off for the "premium" toy thing...). I did 3 months so my price would be $24/month + $9/month for the extra toy (I got $13 off my total with a coupon code). So total I pay roughly $28.66/month. The total value was $40 + $8.95 for the premium toy. Overall I think thats not bad. Nearly $50 worth of products for under $30 and all full size. Even at $29 without the extra toy, you are still getting $11 more than what you paid for!

 I also love that 10% goes to rescue groups and that they offer an allergy box. They have great customer service too, which is always a big deal to me! I missed the place to put in my coupon code before hitting order so I emailed them and was refunded the amount the coupon was worth within 24 hours and was sent a pleasant email saying they'd be happy to adjust it for me! My only warning and the only other possible reason I'd rate them at 4.5 instead of 5, they send out a lot of emails, probably once a day or every other day. 

Click Subscribe to get 10% off your subscription and I will get a free box too through the referral program! There is a code for 10% off as well but I couldn't find one for more than that, so I used my referral code.

Barkbox website

Love and Boxes,

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