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Bespoke Post February 2015-Refresh

Bespoke Post is a monthly men's subscription box where you can choose from up to 9 (currently) different limited edition, themed collections men's lifestyle gear from up and coming brands. The boxes are suppose to have a guaranteed value of at least $70 each and at least one new box is introduced the 1st day of each month and others are archived. Your profile allows you to answer sizing and style questions so that items are catered to you as far as size. Most boxes allow you to choose colors of certain items as well. Each box is centered around a theme or story to introduce men to new things. You can also buy items from their store, as well as archived boxes, if available. You can also request to be notified if an archived box you like becomes available. 

The box is $45/month or $55 for one month. You can choose to sign up for a subscription and opt out of a month if you wish. there is no limit to how many times you can opt out. You must opt out by the 5th of the month. You also have to choose which box you want by the 5th or they will choose for you based on your preferences. However, if you forget to opt out, they will try and hold shipping or send you a return label free of charge. Any box can be returned within 30 days in the 48 contiguous states with a free return label for a credit to your account or you can get a refund, but there is a $6 restocking fee. The entire box must be returned and it must be in perfect condition. Shipping is free to the 48 contiguous states and $10 to Hawaii, Alaska, Ontario, and Quebec. Shipping is $15 to the rest of Canada and Canada is subject to sales tax based on province. 

I chose the refresh box for K, because I thought he would like the dopp kit and the useful travel items in it. I was right! The box doesn't put a value on the items so these are obtained from the internet.

Item #1: Blue Claw Co. Dopp Kit Value: $72
I was really surprised to see almost identical dopp kits on their website for $72! That alone is a very high ticket item. K liked the color (which you could choose) and the thought the bag was really nice. Most of the items further I'm not going to really comment on because they are pretty basic guy needs and were all well liked.

Item #2: Travel Size Gold Bond Powder Value: $2

Item #3: Drinkwel Multivitamin Sample Value: $5

Item #4: Dr. Squatch Gold Moss Scrub Full Size Value: $8

Item #5: Mitch Heavy Hitter Cleansing Shampoo Full Size: Value: $10.85

Item #6: Cremo Face Wash Full Size Value: $6.99

Item #7: Mitch Construction Paste for Hair Styling Value: $8.99

Item #8: Gold Bond Ultimate Men's Essentials Everyday Lotion Travel Size Value: $2

Item #9: Marvis Travel Size Toothpaste Value: $6

I really liked this box! The entire value was $121.83 for $45 (plus the discount I got). Thats pretty nice. Also it was really useful items which K really liked. I would seriously consider getting another box from them. I opted out this month. I wish I had known about this a few months back when they had a really awesome cigar themed box! K would have really liked that. 5/5

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Love and Boxes, 

PopSugar Must Have February 2015

PopSugar Must Have is a monthly lifestyle box that includes fashion, beauty, home decor, fitness, accessories, food, and other items that Lisa Sugar of POPSUGAR and the editorial staff hand select. Items are full size and premium items that are classics, celebrity favorites, and new brands. They may include a few sample items for fun. Items are said to be valued at over $100 per box. Most boxes are identical but they do personalize some, as they ask you to answer a 13 question "preference" quiz. Oddly they ask your shoe size? But also ask if you prefer yellow or white gold and skin tone, hair color, eye color, skin type, fragrance "type" preference, if you like cool or warm colors, if you prefer necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, and if your ears are pierced, shirt size and what you describe your personal style as (urban cool, trendsetter, bohemian, classic, sporty, or feminine).

PopSugar Must Have is $39.95/month, $109.85/3 months, or $214.70/6 months. Once a long term subscription runs out it will auto-renew at the monthly rate. Bills of the 25th of the month. Cancel anytime before the 23rd of the month. They send a tracking number via email, when it ships by the 20th of each month. If you fail to receive a box you do have to notify them in writing within 4 weeks.  You have a user login for their website where you can access your account. 

The items you receive  are usually full size but the included pamphlet tells you about them and where to buy them since they aren't available for purchase from the PopSugar website. PopSugar also often has specialty boxes, such as the Resort Box that will ship March 31st and is available to buy now for $100. The Resort Box is a special edition box that is valued over $400. (The Resort Box is SOLD OUT as of this posting, don't worry though, I ordered one!)

Their referral program is for free boxes. If you get 2 people to sign up ("influencer" status) you get one free box. If you get 5 friends ("Insider" status) you get two free boxes. Ten friends ("VIP" status) and you get 3 free boxes. 

Item #1: U.S. Apothecary Rose Water Bubble Bath-Full Size Value: $30
This smells amazing. I have really sensitive kidneys, so I don't take baths or use bubble bath, but I fixed a bath for my boyfriend last night and used this and its awesome. The water felt and smelled nice, but it wasn't overwhelming and the bubbles weren't little kid style crazy everywhere. 

Item #2: Figs and Rouge Wild Cherry Multi-Tasking 100% Natural Lip Balm Full Size Value: $8
I love all lip balms of all kinds. I actually gave this one to Liz, but in general, I feel I can never have enough. Liz said that this is great. It left her lips feeling conditioned but not greasy or like they had a waxy overlay. She said it also didn't have too strong of a taste. 

Item #3: ACME Party Box Company Bamboo Heart Cutting Board and Cheese Knife in a Burlap Bag Value: $32
OMG OMG...I was so excited about this! I had considered buying a cheese board like three days before this box got here because the one I had from my grandmother with the old fashioned guillotine style slicer had finally died. So This was so exciting! Its really nice quality and we've probably already used it 15 times. 

Item #4: Chuao Chocolatier Ravishing Rocky Road Bar Full Size Value: $6
This was so good! I love rocky road in general. I really love marshmallows in chocolate and the almonds made it perfect. I would actually pay $6 for this candy bar, especially since its a lot larger than a standard candy bar. It took me all day to eat it. SO GOOD though.

Item #5: Baublebar Mini Arrow Pendant Necklace Value: $32
This is a really cute little necklace and I really liked the packaging too. I sell fine jewelry for a living so I am extremely picky about the necklaces I wear and I really like how dainty this one is. It also looks really nice and not cheap. I do wish I had gotten the yellow gold tone one thats in the picture in the pamphlet though. 

Item #6: Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush Full Size Value: $26
I really liked this item too. I love getting makeup that isn't eyeliner or mascara and this was perfect. I actually liked it enough to buy another color by this brand!

Item #7: Sally Beauty FingerPaints Nail Color Full Size Value: $5.50
This was considered an "extra" item. I again only use gel nail polish, but this will go in the pile of stuff to give away as its still a great product. 

I really loved the PopSugar Must Have Box. This might be my current favorite subscription box! For $39.95 I received a box with a total value of  $139.50. I would say a nearly $100 increase over what I paid for the box is definitely awesome! I'm keeping this subscription and hoping the next month is just as awesome!!! 5/5 rating

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Love and Boxes, 

GlossyBox January 2015

Glossybox is a monthly subscription that sends 5 deluxe or full sized beauty products each month wrapped in a pretty box with a ribbon. They tailor your items based on a 15 question beauty profile that you fill out when you sign up. Brands are described on their website as high end, niche, and trendy beauty products. They do have a page on their website where you can see the brands they partner with. It is $21/month, $60/3 months, $115/6 months, or $220/year. You can cancel the monthly subscription at any time before the 14th of the month. Longer term subscriptions can only be cancelled the 14th of the last month they are active, then they auto renew. 1st billing occurs when you sign up. Afterwards, billing occurs between the 1st and 10th of the month. They send an email with tracking information when the box ships. Shipping in the United States is free ($5 to Canada). They do not currently ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or APO/FPO addresses. 

Items cannot be purchased from Glossybox directly, but the card that comes with the box explaining each product lists where they can be purchased. They mention in their FAQs that if you accidentally get the same item twice (I've not had this happen in my two boxes), then you can email them and they will send something in its place. I did work with their customer service when my box was showing as having been "delivered" but was no where to be found. It took about 24 hours to get an email response and then I had to file a case with the post office and give Glossybox the case number and wait for them to respond again. It took a few days to sort out, but once it was sorted out they sent me a replacement box within a week. 

They have a referral program called "glossydots." For every 1000 glossydots you earn, you get a free box. You get 20 glossydots for every review you complete each month (five total=100 a month). You earn between 250-1,000 for a friend signing up with your recommendation, depending on the subscription option that they choose. (Monthly=250, 6 months=750, a year=1,000). Monthly subscribers can redeem their free box online but "applying" it before the billing date. Longer term subscribers must contact Glossybox and let them know which month they'd like to use their free box in. 

Item #1: Vichy Purete Thermale 3-in-1 One Step Cleanser 1 fl oz Value: $2.91
I've seen this brand advertised at Walgreens and received it in another box as well. I'm usually not a drugstore brand shopper. Will probably give this one away. Also the bottle was pretty small.

Item #2: Skin and Co Roma Sicilian Light Serum 0.27 FL oz value: $12.69
I've never heard of this brand or tried it. However, if it does what it says (brightens, tightens skin, with collagen-boosting ingredients) then I will probably like it. Small Size again though. 

Teeez Trendy Cosmetics Beautiful Flat Brush Stiff Full Size Value: $23.50
I really like getting makeup brushes because I can always use more. I like having them in various places like my regular makeup area, makeup bag, work, etc. This one says stiff in the title and its definitely that. I'm not used to that, but it works really well and it actually fits in my makeup bag, where some brushes are too long. 

Item #4: Lollipops Eye Pencil in Goodbye Moon full size Value: $17.70
I'm sure this a great eyeliner. I like the price. I like the size. I did not try it because I'm going to use it for a gift, since I'm starting to drown in black eyeliner. I would have loved it if this had been any color but black, which I never even wear.

Kueshi Revitalizing Face Toner Full Size Value: $13.30
I've never heard of this brand and I honestly didn't use it, but gave it to a friend who seems happy with it. 

My overall first impression of Glossybox was disappointing. I liked some of the items, but I wasn't blown away like I thought I would be paying double the price of Birchbox. However, I did get a replacement box not the one I was originally intended, so I am giving a benefit of a doubt here. Overall value: $70. So I guess it was a pretty good value over the initial price. Curious to see whats in my next two as I have a three month subscription. 3/5 rating.

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Love and Boxes, 

Barkbox February 2015 Mardi Gras Themed!

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for your dog! I made a video of my dog getting hers (She is a 85lb female German Shepherd named Echo), but she wasn't overly interested in the opening process. She was very interested once I gave her the items though! BarkBox is $29/month for 1 month at time, $24/month for 3 months (billed at once), $21/month for 6 months (billed at once), and $19/month for 12 month (billed at once). You can add an extra premium toy for an additional $9/month. 10% of proceeds go to supporting rescue groups. Shipping is free to the 48 contiguous states and $5 to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada. They do not ship to other countries. They do ship to APOs. Sales tax applies to NY, AZ, CT, NV, and OH.

Each months box is specially curated for your dogs size (<10 lbs, 10-20lbs, 20-50lbs, and 50+ lbs) with 4-6 treats, grooming, hygiene, and toy items. Any items you like can be reordered by texting (484)-696-2275 with the reorder code included on the card in the box. Your card on file will be billed and there is a $5 flat shipping fee. Boxes ship on the 15th of the month and are billed on the 3rd. They email a tracking number and you can log in to their website to track your shipment as well as access your account. You can cancel anytime before the next billing date. 

They also offer a "allergy" box for dogs allergic to beef, chicken, turkey, wheat, soy, corn, or gluten. You just email and let them know you need an allergy box. They cannot accommodate for other allergies or needs currently, but do accept suggestions. All products are carefully selected by their team and are safe and items they test with their own pups! Customer service is super helpful and responds very quickly!

I LOVED the Mardi Gras Theme this box had! So cute to theme a dog's box!

Item #1: Harry Barker Stuffed Mardi Gras Mask with Rope with built in squeakers Value: $14
Echo is not big on toys unless they are fetchable or tuggable so this was great for her, though a little small for a German Shepherd in my opinion. I think this is more suited for under 60 pounds. She did play with it though. Plus its really cute. 

Item #2: Butcher's Block Bully Stick Value: $4
These are Echo's favorite treats and always great to have. They are also usually $8 or more around here so the reorder price is tempting!

Item #3: Le Petit Treat King Cake Biscuits Value: $6
I was disappointed when these were just beige colored heart shaped cookies because at first I thought it was a little doggie king cake! However, there were more than I expected in the box and they were eaten. These could be mistaken easily for human food though, so keep the box around. 

Item #4: Feel Good Treat Company Cajun Jambalaya Treats Value: $7
This is an adorable idea and echo thought they were tasty. Also a large bag, not a sample, which is nice!

Item #5: Delca Jester Ball Value: $9
It makes a funny noise when its bitten and is ball shaped so its a great fetch toy. Like I said earlier, Echo usually doesn't go for stuffed toys that aren't balls, tugs, or fetchable items, so this is another good one for her. She also doesn't tear up toys, so I don't have to worry about it being cloth, however, my brothers dog would have destroyed this in 5 seconds flat. 

Item #6: Loopies Stoggies Fetch Stick from the Extra Toy Club (the one you pay $9 extra a month for) Value: No Value was given for this like the others but google showed about $8.95, which kind of annoys me since I feel like paying $9 extra should result in a toy worth at least $9 (yeah, yeah, its $0.05), but I actually think it should be a toy valued above $9, hence the "premium" part. This is cute though and seems to be well made since its woven. And the cigar look is funny and cute. Great fetch toy. 

Overall, I am really impressed with BarkBox and give it a 4.5/5 (.5 off for the "premium" toy thing...). I did 3 months so my price would be $24/month + $9/month for the extra toy (I got $13 off my total with a coupon code). So total I pay roughly $28.66/month. The total value was $40 + $8.95 for the premium toy. Overall I think thats not bad. Nearly $50 worth of products for under $30 and all full size. Even at $29 without the extra toy, you are still getting $11 more than what you paid for!

 I also love that 10% goes to rescue groups and that they offer an allergy box. They have great customer service too, which is always a big deal to me! I missed the place to put in my coupon code before hitting order so I emailed them and was refunded the amount the coupon was worth within 24 hours and was sent a pleasant email saying they'd be happy to adjust it for me! My only warning and the only other possible reason I'd rate them at 4.5 instead of 5, they send out a lot of emails, probably once a day or every other day. 

Click Subscribe to get 10% off your subscription and I will get a free box too through the referral program! There is a code for 10% off as well but I couldn't find one for more than that, so I used my referral code.

Barkbox website

Love and Boxes,

A little behind

I have gotten really really behind on my blog because I had the flu, have had my regular job, have been working with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Junior Board plan our first Casino Night fundraiser, and also just been a little lazy...I have at least 16 boxes to post....soooo....I have so far uploaded all the photos to the drafts and need to go back and add the information. I thought I would post the pictures of the entire boxes here so you get a sneak peak and also let you know what all I have unsubscribed to and added to the mix....A full list will be at the end with whether or not I have cancelled it in parenthesis 

FABFITFUN 1st quarter Spring 2015

Ipsy February 2015

Birchbox February 2015

Bespoke Post February 2015-Refresh February 2015

Conscious Box February 2015

Splendies February 2015 (this is just one pair-I didn't get a pic of all three pairs)

Wantable: Intimates February 2015

Moxie Box February 2015

Beauty Box 5 February 2015

Glossybox February 2015

Barkbox February 2015 Mardi Gras Theme with bonus deluxe toy

Little Lace Box February 2015

POP SUGAR Must Have February 2015

Glossybox January 2015 (my first got stolen, so I'm not sure how similar mine is to others)

Splendies Luxe February 2015

All of the Boxes that I have subscribed parenthesis are the number of boxes I received and if they've been cancelled, not yet received, I decided to try another month, or have a long term subscription 

  1. (1-cancelled)
  2. Conscious Box (2-cancelled)
  3. Birchbox Men (6-1 reviewed-cancelled)
  4. Birchbox Women (12-1 reviewed-cancelled)
  5. Bespoke Post (1-cancelled)
  6. Gentleman's Box (1-cancelled)
  7. Splendies (2-cancelled)
  8. Splendies Luxe (1-cancelled)
  9. Allure Sample Society (1-cancelled)
  10. FABFITFUN (1-cancelled)
  11. Ipsy (! received to be reviewed, 1 more I will receive-cancelled
  12. Wantable: Intimates (1 reviewed, 1 more received to be reviewed-keeping for now)
  13. Blush Mystery Beauty Box (1 reviewed, keeping another month)
  14. Glossybox (2 received to be reviewed, 3 months subscription)
  15. POP SUGAR Must Have (1 received to be reviewed, keeping for another month and trying to $100 resort box, usually worth over $400)
  16. Little Lace Box (1 received to be reviewed, keeping one more month at least)
  17. Beauty Box 5 (3 received-1 to be reviewed, 1 year subscription-unfortunately...)
  18. Goodebox (yet to receive)
  19. Barkbox (1 received-to be reviewed, 3 month subscription)
  20. Moxie Box (1 received to be reviewed, will try another month)
  21. KitNipBox (yet to receive)
  22. Dazzley Box (yet to receive)
  23. French Box (yet to receive)
  24. Phone Case of the Month-for iPhone 6 (yet to receive)
  25. Box of Happies (yet to receive)
  26. Mission Cute (yet to receive)
  27. Kloverbox (yet to receive)
  28. Pet Gift Box-Cats (yet to receive)
  29. Pet Gift Box-Dogs (yet to receive)
  30. Orange Glad (yet to receive)