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Conscious Box January 2015

Conscious Box is a monthly subscription box service that brings you a variety of food, bath, body, beauty, and household products that are all natural, non-GMO, and have an aim to support sustainable, fair-trade businesses. There are several options for Conscious Box. There are three types of boxes; Classic, Gluten-free, and Vegan. There are also two size boxes: Taster and Plus. The Taster version is $7.95/month and the plus version is $17.95 a month. The shipping is free. I got the classic plus size box. I had a hard time finding out if they ship anywhere outside the US from their website, but based on other blogs, I believe they ship to Canada. They bill on the 1st and ship between the 18th-21st and send an email with a tracking number. You can cancel anytime, just make sure you do before the 1st of the month, so that you aren't billed again.

They have a points system for reviewing products. For every point you get, you get one cent towards purchases towards their store, where you can buy the products in their boxes. You can also receive 500 points for referring a friend through Facebook or Twitter (which is $5). Points cannot be used towards subscriptions.

The website has a place to log in, where you can update your account and manage it. You can also seek customer service. I will be canceling this service. I actually really liked the box but I got it almost for free and in order to review other boxes, some have to go. I will replace this one with something similar and eco-friendly and non-beauty though. 

Item 1: Saffron Road Chipotle flavored Crunchy Chickpeas Full Size Value: $5.19
These are not bad tasting and have 5g of protein per serving and only 3g of fat. I would consider buying these to snack on as a healthy alternative. The flavor was nice too. Love how big this bag was!

Item 2: Spice Hunter Organic Oregano 2 tsp Value: $2
Not sure what to say, other than its a spice that I use. Hard to tell if its any better than any other oregano. Will add to the spice cabinet.

Item 3: Nuaxon BioScience NuMemory+ Herbal Supplement for Memory Full Size Value: $33.25
I really like that they sent a full size trial of this. Its suppose to support memory, have antioxidant activity, improve recall, and help maintain healthy brain function. One of the black soft gels didn't change anything for me, but I imagine this is something that would need to be taken daily. 

Item 4: Sant Superfruit Beverage Mixer 10g sample Value: $1.20
This is a dried fruit that can be mixed into any beverage for a shot of antioxidants. I doubt any beverage would be appropriate and don't imagine it would take great in a soda. Iced tea would probably be the way to go. Of course, it might make a nice Vodka mixer. 

Item 5: Natralla Dry Skin Lotion Small Sample 0.1oz x 2 Value: $0.17
100% natural ingredients that are suppose to leave hands moisturized up to 24 hours after application (I'm assuming if you don't wash your hands...). There is also a $1 off coupon inside each sample

Item 6: Carolla's Beeswax Skin Creme Sample Size (says should last 3-4 uses because you don't need much) 5ml Value: $0.59
Only has 5 ingredients (olive oil, borax, water, and beeswax). I tried it. I will say, it was VERY thick and you really don't need a lot. It felt good on my hands and since there is not a lot of extra ingredients, there was no strong smell.

Item 7: Back To Nature 100% Juice Fruit Punch Full Size Single Serving Value: $0.91
The juice is like a capri sun. There is a straw attached to the back to put through the pouch. The front does say from concentrate with added ingredients. The added ingredients make me wonder. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure I will. 

Item 8: Amazing Grass Green Superfood Chocolate Chip Coconut Whole Food Energy Bar Full Size Single Serving Value: $ 2.99
I'm looking forward to trying this because I love coconut and chocolate together. I like getting bars like this because I can toss them in my purse and take them to work, which is what I'm saving this one for! This product is cold-processed, soy free, vegan, and USDA organic!

Item 9: Your Tea "Tiny Tea" 3 Servings Value: $5.89
Tiny Tea is meant to help with detoxifying and revitalizing your digestive system. K tried it last night and enjoyed it, but was just as happy with his standard Earl Grey

Item 10: Kleenmaid Naturez Way Bamboo Perforated Towels, 2 full size towel samples Value: $0.37
These are a nifty alternative to paper towels and are 100% biodegradable as well as they can be reused (after rinsing) up to 10 times! I really like the idea of these, because we go through a lot of paper towels in my apartment!

Conscious Coupons-$1 off a Saffron Road product, 20% off code for Spice Hunter products online, 25% off for NuMemory+ products online, more information about Carolla's Beeswax products, and 2 recipes: One for Oregano and Garlic Butter and one for Chicken Cacciatore from Spice Hunter

I have to say I was REALLY impressed with my Conscious Box. If it were not for the fact that I want to try several natural, organic, or eco-friendly boxes, I would probably keep it. The total value added up to $52.56 not including the at least $3 worth of coupons. Considering it was $17.95 (plus I had a code for a free box), I think this box was pretty awesome. I also really liked some of the products it introduced (especially the bamboo towels and the Coconut and Chocolate Energy Bar). I give this one a 4/5 rating!

Click HERE to Subscribe to Conscious Box
Use code "FREEBOX" to get a free box (you will pay $7 shipping)

Love and Boxes, 

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