Tuesday, February 3, 2015

SPLENDIES January 2015

SPLENDIES is a monthly subscription service (it comes in a regular mailing bag, not a box, bummer) that sends three pairs of underwear based on the size and styles you specify. You can choose no thongs, all thongs, or surprise box. I do the surprise box,which can contain thongs, tangas, boy shorts, bikini styles in lace, cotton or a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and materials. If you do all thongs then any seasonal underwear (Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc) are not guaranteed. Each person's box varies based on size and style preference. 

It used to cost $13.99/month (If you subscribed by Dec 31st, 2014 you're grandfathered in to the original $9.99-they upped the price to try and up the quality, however, their page still says $9.99). There is no option to pay for mutiple months. They ship to the United States and Canada ($7 additional shipping fee) and hope to expand. Your subscription can be paused or cancelled at any time. One negative is Splendies doesn't personally do plus size, however, they have a plus-size option called Volupties, that looks like they send very similar items for $17/month. There is also a LUXE version, in which you pay $45/month for three pairs of premium brand underwear in a ribbon tied keepsake box. I'll have links and codes for all three at the bottom! They ship new orders weekly, which is nice, since a lot of companies make you wait until the next month. Renewed subscriptions typically bill on the 10th and ship on the 15-19th. They send a tracking number in an email when your package ships. 

Their website has no actual log-in page or account you can create. You can change size or pause or cancel your account, which is kind of confusing. It seems you get an email with a custom account manager for changing your card and such, but not much more. They have a blog that answers most questions though. They do have a monthly survey that you can fill out about what you liked and didn't like about the items you got (or if you didn't get that item, you can skip it). They also have a newsletter that you can subscribe to. You can also post a picture what you receive with the hashtag #splendies on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and possibly win one month free. Also for every 3 friends that you get to enroll, you get one month free. I believe this link is sent to you via email when you first sign up? When I linked it to Facebook and clicked on it, it just went to the website, so I am not sure how it keeps up with who's link you clicked. 

Item #1: Tre Sexy Collection by Ohlabicheri Black boyshorts with tie ribbon side ties and pink bow and heart on the back at the top Value: $7.98
These were really cute but the sizing was less than to be desired. They were a S/M or M/L? The S/M was really more like a medium and looked like it wouldn't fit me so I gave it to my roommate, Liz, who really liked them. When looking the website up that the brand came from, OMG at the slutty...interesting

Item #2: Rene Rofe Lingerie Bikini Panty Polyester/Spandex blend in bright yellow with hearts and anchors. Value: $7.95
These feel like bathing suit bottoms, which makes me weary about wearing them due to worrying about girl issues. Also, they look a lot more tween or young girl patterned than adults. Not really my thing. Also, sizing might be another issue. They say 5/Small. I definitely cannot wear a 5. I haven't tried them on though because I plan on finding them a home. Any takers?

Item #3: Frederick's of Hollywood Cotton Thong in Bombshell Pink Value: $6 (5/$25)
These are the only ones I really liked. They look like they still might be a bit big, but at least they aren't too kiddie looking, and they are a lot more useful for regular everyday wear, since they won't show through clothing. I like the solid color, but I don't mind patterns, just not the one they send on the yellow undies. 

Total Value: $21.93. Considering I paid $5.99 for this month (I had a $4 coupon), I don't think this is bad at all! I want to see the Valentine's month they promise is going to be interesting, but after that I'm not sure I will continue because of the sizing issue mostly. If it were not for that, I would probably keep it, especially since I saw some of the other people's January boxes and was jealous they got some of the ones I did not. The smalls aren't quite small enough for me. I did try the LUXE box because of a coupon, so we will see how that goes. 

Subscribe to SPLENDIES Use Code "SPLENDIES" to get $4 off
Subscribe to LUXE  Use code "LUXENEW" to save 20% off 
Subscribe to Volupties Use Code "VOLUPTIES" to save $5 off

Love and Boxes, 

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