Friday, February 27, 2015

Blush Mystery Beauty Box February 2015

Blush Mystery Beauty Box is a monthly subscription service that is $24.95/month for a subscription or $34.95 for a one time trial. Shipping is free. They guarantee multiple full size and travel size beauty products totaling at least $100. I will say website reviews say there are more sample sizes than in the past. Cancel anytime. Values are not given on the card they include, so I guessed at a few. Products can be bought online at their store. There is also a $20 off $100 coupon in the bag. They don't ship internationally. Also, they are changing the name to Beautyfix by Dermstore (per email I got today).They  curate the box and do not make them tailored to the person. 

Item #1: Juliette Has A Gun: Not a Perfume Sample 
Its a pefrume sample....I never really care to receive these. Value: $4?

item #2: samples of DHC skin products
Two small samples of these products, they aren't actually mentioned on the card included with the subscription value: $2?

item #3: Alterna Bambo Kendi Smooth Hair Treatment Deluxe Sample Value: $10
This is a product I already use daily and love and was so happy to find in this box!

item #4: 100% pure creamy nail polish in kiss Value: $12
Im not a nail polish person unless its gel, so this isn't my thing...I really can't say much on this

item # 5: Murad Acne Clearing Solution Sample packs Value: $3?
Also not listed on the card, so a bonus I guess

item #6: Wrap Up bun creator Value: $10?
I love these. I had one similar already but I use them for work all the time because its an easy way to throw your hair up nicely in a hurry. I saw complaints on the website about it being black and blondes  not being able to use it but I have red hair and if you use it right, you don't see the black...

item # 7: This picture may be upside down. This is another unmentioned item on the card but is a lavender lotion sample. Value: $3?

Item #8: Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 value: $2
Can buy at drugstore and a one time use sample...meh

item #9: NeoStrata Skin Active Antioxidant Defense Serum Value: $5?
I really don't know the value. Its a decent size sample though

Item #10 Vichy Idelia Life Serum Deluxe Sample Value: $5
Its still a drugstore brand, not to say its not a good brand. I just think if they promise $100 worth...

Item #11: Tocca Beauty Perfume Value: $5
Another perfume sample

Item #12: Cargo Full Size Liquid Eyeliner in black Value: $20
This seems like a great product and worked really well. I didnt need it so I gave it to Liz, who really likes it. I had not heard of this brand but I got a lip gloss from the same brand in another subscription box

Item #13: Tocca Full Size Body Cream Value: $20
I really liked this item. This is a sephora brand, which since Sephora is pretty much my heaven, makes me feel good about the brand. I also like the texture and the smell, because its light. The website said members did not all get the same scent though. They would get one of three. The packaging of this is a little funny. Like diaper ointment, but thats not the fault of blush. 

I really liked this box. I think it had a lot of great stuff in it. I cancelled several beauty boxes in order to add other boxes, and I decided to keep this one for one more month at least since the items where actually really nice. I give it 4/5

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Love and Boxes, 

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