Tuesday, March 3, 2015

SPLENDIES Luxe February 2015

Splendies Luxe February 2015
Splendies Luxe is the higher end version of Splendies. It's $45.00/every other month for three luxury brand panties in a keep sake box that ties with a ribbon. You can choose a mix of styles or all thongs. You can cancel at any time. It bills on the 10th and ships sometime right after. I only did this for one month because I don't need the panties and because I didn't really want to spend that amount. (It wasn't $45 when I initially subscribed, it was $35 and I got a discount on top of that. This information was only recently added to the page.) I also thought it was monthly, which explains why I was confused to only get the regular Splendies in January, but it only just now says that on their really poorly designed website that is difficult to navigate and to find information on with no log in or user accounts capability. 

Felina Pink and White lace bikini style value:$12

These are really cute and super comfy. I like the color too. They also didn't ride up. 

Rumour Lace bright pink with white lace thong value: $19
These are adorable and sexy. I really like that they're usually $19 for one pair since the box is pricier

Felina black with white lace bikini style value: $12 

Another very cute and comfy pair. Happy to get a black pair since I wear a lot of black and they'll go with any black bra. 

Overall, it was a $43 value for $45 which doesn't make sense to me. Why would I want to pay more for something? Luckily as stated above, I did not and I cancelled immediately. Anyways, I'd rank this box at 2/5. I love the box it came in. Very cute. I don't see it worth the price though for three pairs of panties when I can go to Victoria Secret and get 3 for $33, just as cute. 

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