Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The REAL January Beauty Box 5 2015

Since I have recently explained Beauty Box 5 very thoroughly, I am just going to do the briefest of summaries from now on. Beauty Box 5 is a $12 monthly subscription (though cheaper if you pay for longer periods of time). Each month you receive 5 deluxe to full size samples of beauty and lifestyle products chosen by the Beauty Box 5 team. They can range from drugstore brands to high end. You can then purchase the items that you like from their online store or just use (or don't use) the samples. You can cancel a monthly subscription at any time.

Item #1 Sally Hansen Salon Effects French Mani in gold. Full size. Value: $9.99

I've used these before and liked them. I've not used the French Mani ones but I will definitely try these. I do gel nails at home because the cases at work chip everything else but I would probably use these more often if it weren't for that because they're so easy to use. Great item. 
Item #2: Hard Candy Eye shadow Duo full size value: $4.99
This is a nice product just not colors I really use much. Went on easy and looked good for being dark blues. 

Left side color
Darker right side color

Item #3 Softsoap Nutri Serums body wash. Travel size value: $2.25

Decent item and a good one too have for when you travel. It does have those beads in it though that I thought weren't environmentally friendly. Maybe these aren't the same kind though. I wouldn't go out and buy this since I have a preferred body wash over this one but I did give it to Liz. 
Item #4 Nanacoco Lip gloss pink full size value: $6.48 (what I found online). This was a nice product and looked good and felt good on but is way more pink than I'd normally wear. In fact, the color is too bright for any occasion for my taste. I liked that it was full size though. 

It's very pink!

Item #5 ultrafresh panthera mascara sample 0.8oz value: $6.25

Ok so I thought something was funny about this. It seemed really dried out and I could not tell a difference with it on (see below pic). Then I find out this product was discontinued in 2012!?! What? Also not sure the company still exists. This worries me. I don't really want to be putting old makeup on my face. 
Dry and clumpy. 

Overall: This is my second beauty box five box and I'm so far not very impressed. Especially with getting stuff that's discountinued. Hmm. Also the colors of the mascara and lip gloss were really bold and not everyday or something I'd wear. The nail stuff is cool and the body was was ok. I hope the next box is better. This was disappointing 

To try it for free use this code: FREEBOX1

Love and Boxes,

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