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Birchbox Man January 2015

Birchbox Men January 2015 

As I said in my initial introduction, Birchbox was how I got into Subsciption Boxes. This was the second box I subscribed to and ordered it for my boyfriend, K. He really likes it! He's in medical school so the sample size items are great for throwing in an overnight bag for long shifts. It's also helped him keep his skin care routine up. He was definitely skeptical at first, but considering he's gotten things like 2 pairs of black socks, a wooden tie pin, a regular tie, headphones, a pocket square, and every kind of shaving cream you can imagine. He did have a complaint that while always having an extra shaving cream around was great, they only lasted one shave or so and were usually not any better than what he got at the store.

Typically, Birchbox Man includes 5-6 deluxe size samples and usually some kind of full-size lifestyle accessory (see the examples above). Items they send range from haircare, shaving needs, skin care, bath and body, lifestyle, the occasional food item (usually a protein or snack bar), and fragrances. Most items are high end brands or up-and-coming companies (usually the lifestyle products). This is K's fifth box and we've yet to have a repeat item. They personalize the items that you receive based on your "grooming profile", which can be updated as your needs change, so that guys with no beards don't get beard products, etc. they so far seem to do a great job with this. Also, sometimes they send and email allowing you to choose one of three of the full-size lifestyle items to go in your box, so you get to pick the one you want the most. Each box includes a description of the product and how to use it. 

Birchbox Man is $20/month or $195/year. Shipping is free to the U.S. They also can ship to France, Spain, the UK, and Canada, but they use different websites for these countries (click on the name of the country for their link), except Canada. Cannot ship to other countries. Sales tax may apply in NY, NJ, MA, TN, VA, and WA.  The box typically ships around the 20th and usually arrives before the end of the month. Monthly subscriptions bill on the 15th of the month. 
Cancel at any time before the next month has been billed. Yearly subscriptions can only be cancelled within the first month. Birchbox has a store that you can purchase items you love in as well as other items and specialty boxes, usually that have a theme. You can return any product you are not satisfied with within 90 days for a full refund and shipping is free of charge. They will honor any promotional codes on items purchased within 3 days of the promotion release date by contacting customer service.  Only one promotional code can be used at a time.

Birchbox's customer service phone line is great about answering questions and replacing missing or damaged items. With my women's box, I once had an item come damaged, got sent a replacement sample that was also damaged, so they sent me a full-size version for free and gave me extra points! (I'll get to the points in a second).

Birch box points program. You receive points that can be redeemed for dollars to spend in the Birchbox store. For every dollar you spend in the store you get 1 point. If you refer a friend through the Birchbox Refer-A-Friend Program and they sign up you will receive 50 points. Signing up for a monthly subscription gets you 20 points and 195 points for a yearly subscription. You can also review items that were in your box for 10 points a piece (up to 50 points per box). Points expire after one year. Birchbox also has a program called Birchbox Aces, which is their VIP program. You must earn 500 points within a calendar year (and do so each year) to qualify. Once you become a Birchbox Ace you get free shipping on all qualifying orders of $100 or more on full-size products. You also receive concierge service from their team of discovery specialist, exclusive and early access to special offers, Aces anniversary gifts, and more surprises. My Birchbox Women and Birchbox Men are on the same account so thats another good way to rack up points faster!

Now for the January 2015 review!
BTW, this box was one that allowed you to pick one of the items you received from three choices. Birchbox Man and Woman do this on occasion. The choice in this case was between the organizer trio (cord keepers, bungee cords), Explorer's kit (which showed a vague picture and little explanation), and a quick connect duo (description given: plug in anywhere with space to space). K chose the organizer trio and found the other two hard to even figure out what they were 

Item #1: Quirky Wrapster Earbud Cord Wrap in white. Full Size. Value: $1.99
This item is pretty neat. It keeps your headphones from getting tangled in your purse, backpack, pocket, etc. It also has an awesome price point of only $1.99! This was definitely an awesome item to include and it's something I'm considering getting myself, since this is K's box! 

Item #2: Quirky Cordies in green. Full Size. Value: $4.99
Really neat desktop product that keeps all your cords neat and untangled. It makes it a lot easier to find the one you want to unplug or plug in easier. This is the "quirky" kind of neat gadget I probably would buy for myself or a friend (I could see this making an awesome stocking stuffer!)

Item #3: Ernest Supplies Protective Matte Moisturizer. Sample Size. 0.3 fl oz Value: $3
First off, I really like the packaging, which is very guy friendly. Second, this seems to be a great product as well. It does not have much, if any, of a scent, it doesn't leave residue, it is not too greasy, but it does leave skin feeling moisturized. The "matte" part is definitely the key word here, as it does not leave dudes looking shiny. It would also appear a little goes a long way, which means this should last K a little while.

Item #4: Brickell Purifying Charcoal Face Wash. Deluxe Size. 1 oz. Value: $3.12
Two face washes (and a soap, below) in one box kinda stinks, but the three neat accessories seam to make up for it. It is charcoal based, so the texture is not that of your typical face wash. Overall opinion, it gets your face clean, but nothing special. K still loves his Clinique. 

Item #5: Proper Bar Soap Elderflower with Lychee, Pear, Jojoba, and Aloe. Travel size. 1 oz. Value: $2.56
K hasn't actually used this yet, as he wants to save it for when he needs to take it somewhere on a trip as a travel size. His general opinion is soap is soap, so less than excited about this. 

Item #6: Quirky Hook Up Carabandits 6 pack of small, medium, and large. Full Size. $7.99
This is really neat. Just looking at the used on the packaging is pretty fun. Basically, this is one of the more useful items K has gotten in a Birchbox. He bikes and owns a Jeep so these will definitely come in handy. Another thing I can see adding to stockings next year!

Overall, I would say this Birchbox Man for January was a success! K liked a lot of the items (especially the Quirky items) and he also has some back up travel samples, which is always good. Rating 4/5. 

If you would like to Subscribe to Birchbox Man (or the Female Version) please click HERE
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Love and Boxes,

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